I went to poetry night. It was fun. My mom read a poem about me. My friend read a poem by Langston Hughes and my other friend read an original poem, called "Slime." Maya Workman's MADLOM drumming class was there to entertain us and they gave Ms. O'Connor a beat for her poem. We had refreshments and sparkling cider. Even a kindergartner recited a poem. Miss Hopper gave out medals to the Word Masters' winners. The winners were :

3rd Grade:

Gavin Saadat 

June Harmon 

Justin Somashekara 

4th Grade:

Elias Lewin

Maxwell Kumahor 

Madeliene Young 

5th Grade:

Harry Morcella 

Nicolas Bambrick-Santoyo 

 Everyone clapped and took pictures. I would love to go there again.                                                                                                                                                      


by Sydney


Poem of Spring


The kids are running

The trees are swaying

The spring is starting

The poets are spending their time writing poems of unfortunate business

Umm… spring is king

Rhyme is the lime of life

Spring gives you allergies

There are many bees.


   By Parker R. 

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                                                  Wade in the Water

 This is the end of Black History Month and we just had a Black History Month assembly. Every grade performed. A second grade class performed a little Readers' Theater  poem called, "We are All Americans," that was found in a Faith Ringgold book. Another class recited a poem called "Harriet and the Promised Land" and performed a modern dance to the song, "Wade in the Water" dressed in blue dashikis. Kindergarten and First grade sang "A-Tisket-A-Tasket" and the fifth graders told us about famous American American pioneers and trail blazers. One class recited "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, " by Maya Angelou and the fourth graders recited a poem about Harriet Tubman by Eloise Greenfield." There was so much black history. Everyone was able to learn something.

Sara M.
   Hi my name is Harry and my class went to see "MLK to Today" at the NJPAC. The show was about famous Black people. Quotes were on a screen behind Jazz musicians. There was so much music they played and when it was done we were sitting in the back, but we were close to the stage. There was a poem contest and a girl in our class named Niylah won the poem contest. She went on stage and recited her poem. We all cheered.  Then we got  to meet the whole cast. We got to ask the cast questions even about what Martin Luther King Jr.  had to do with Jazz. MLK  is part of the message behind the music. The show was really interesting and entertaining. At the end we took a picture with the cast.  WINTER CONCERT..................................12/21/
9:30 AM  ..............MULTI-PURPOSE ROOM